Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention. Our quality assurance activities are determined before production work begins and these activities are performed during the course of product development.

The goal of our quality assurance team is to improve development and test processes so that defects do not arise when the product is being developed. 
To ensure this we perform periodic performance audits of our operations.

We perform a number of quality tests on our raw materials:

  • Soda Ash is tested for purity and percentage of sodium oxide.
  • Potassium Carbonate is tested for purity and percentage of potassium oxide.
  • Silica Sand is tested to determine percentage of SiO2, iron content and other ingredients. Physical testing includes moisture and sieve analysis.



Quality control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification. Quality control activities are performed after the product is developed.

Our quality control team aims to identify (and correct) defects in the finished product by eliminating problems at the source, and there by ensuring that customer's requirements are continually met.

  • Weight Ratio of Silicates: To determine the 
    concentration of Soda Ash and Silica Sand in Silicates. 
    (Na2O : SiO2)
  • Baume : To determine the specific gravity of Silicates.