Sodium Silicates

Sodium silicate is manufactured by fusing soda ash and high purity silica sand in an open hearth furnace at temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius. Sodium silicates vary in ratio of alkali to silica and concentrations giving diverse properties in a variety of applications. Captain Industries offers a wide range of sodium silicates ranging from 1.9 ratio (Sio2:Na20) to 3.2 ratio. We also offer glass briquettes for large volume customers thus saving on distribution costs.

Sodium Silicates have many useful properties which are not shared by other alkaline salts. This together with the fact that they are low in cost, has led to wide utilization in various industries.

Silicates are used in industries such as Soaps & Detergents, Packaging, Construction, Metals, Mining, Textiles, Petroleum, Ceramics and Water Treatment. The varied properties and functional characteristics of soluble Silicates can be utilized to efficiently and economically solve many problems that arise in chemical and industrial processes.

Silicates are water based dispersions that are nonflammable odorless and environmentally friendly. Sodium silicate is "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS Status) by the Food and Drug Administration for use as an adhesive in the manufacture of food packaging materials made from paper, paperboard or cotton.

Liquid silicates are inexpensive and can conveniently be stored at room temperature. They maybe shipped in bulk, totes or in drums.

Brick Bond
Pucca Mould
Pucca Tex
Pucca Gum
Soap Transparent
Soap Alkaline
S G 3.2
S G 2.4
S G 2.0
S G 2.2
Description: A 3.2 ratio Sodium SilicateAppearance: A nearly clear to opalescent liquidNa2O %9.28 ± 0.3SiO2 %29.72 ± 0.5Weight Ratio, % SiO2, % Na2O3.2 : 1.0 ± 0.1Density, @ 20°C °Baum42.00 ± 0.7Specific Gravity, @ 20°C1.407 ± 0.07Solid, %39.00 ± 1.2Sampling: A representative sample from each shipment / tank lotLot Size: Each shipment / tank lot