Water Treatment

Applicable Products: Envisil

Corrosion Inhibition

Dilute, aqueous solution of anionic silica, supplied by Soluble Silicates, inhibit corrosion of metallic surfaces. This function is utilized in a variety of commercial water treatment and related applications:

  • As an additive in water, dissolved Si02 prevents corrosion of metal storage tanks and distribution lines.
  • Reduces corrosion in pumps and lines by acidic water (from mine drainage, for example)
  • Reduces corrosion in ball-and-rod-mill grinding processes.
  • As an ingredient in spray-dried, agglomerated or dry-mixed detergent formulations, minimizes corrosion of process equipment; and of metal parts in laundry and dishwashing equipment.
  • As an ingredient in “permanent' automotive cooling system fluids.
  • As an additive in boiler and cooling tower water treatment compounds.