Applicable Products: Soap Transparent Brick Bond

The natural adhesive characteristics of silicate, along with its. ability to provide quick set and a strong water resistant bond at low cost, have resulted in its use in agglomerating, pelletizing, granulating and briquetting applications. It serves also as a processing aid in nodulizing and extrusion operations.
Agglomeration of materials which are mined, processed or recovered in finely divided form eliminates dust and improves heat processing in drying, calcining and firing operations. The elimination of these dust can reduce or eliminate air and stream pollution and kiln ring build-up, and improve conveying and storage characteristics.
Pelletizing is a process in which fine material is formed into damp balls ("green" pellets). Silicate blended with the fines aids balling and increases the strength of the formed pallets both in the dry and in the fired state.
In the briquetting, tabletting, and extruding processes, silicate acts as a lubricants and/or binders. with improve flow characteristics and cohesive properties of the treated materials.