Soaps and Detergents

Applicable Products: Soap Alkaline Soap Transparent Turbid Peroxsil

Sodium Silicate solution is added to detergent shiny to help control reversion of the phosphates during the spray drying process. It also acts as binder to give the desired degree of “crispness” to the detergent bead without impairing its solubility in water. If properly used it also minimizes the amount of undersized particles produced.

In spray-dried, agglomerated and dry-blended formulas, sodium silicate has a number of builder properties which enhance the performance of the detergent system. These properties are as follows:

  • Wetting: Reduction in surface-tension of liquids.
  • Emulsification: Dispersion of oily soil into fine droplets which are suspended in the wash solution.
  • Deflocculation: Breaking up of inorganic or particulate soils into fine particles which will stay suspended in the wash solution.
  • Saponification; of triglycerides, especially the more alkaline types.
  • Prevention of soil redeposition; Ability to keep suspended soils from reattaching to cleaned surfaces.
  • Alkalinity and buffering: Ability to control the pH of the detergent solution on the presence of acidic soils.
  • Corrosion inhibition; Protection of sensitive metal surfaces from the corrosive effects of other detergent ingredients.

Most of the above properties arise from the “polysilicate” portion of sodium silicate. This species has the ability to enhance surface effects such as wetting (reduction in surface tension) in conjunction with organic surfactants, helping to keep small dirt or oil particles in suspension in the wash liquid, or enhancing the removal of soil from surfaces.
The alkalinity of sodium silicate enables it to neutralize acidic soil and promote emulsification of fats and oils and dispersion of proteins.