Applicable Products: K2529

Protective and Decorative Coatings:

Potassium Silicate is an excellent vehicle forpigments to be applied to stone, concrete, stucco and brick. Films of Potassium remain free of frosty bloom, as they do not carbonate in the way that Sodium Silicate does. The colorless, almost transparent Silicate does not hide the pigments and its complete freedom from gloss results in clear, rich colours.

Numerous other applications of the non-blooming property of the Potassium film are suggested. For instance, treating masonry with a diluted solution of Potassium fills the pores, preventing moisture penetration and unsightly efflorescence.

Silicate coatings are used for asbestos-cement shingles. Typical processes call for a mixture of pigment and clay with Silicate for a coating on asbestos-cement sheets. The baking temperature here can be reduced considerably when a mixture of Potassium-Sodium Silicate is used.


The greater refractoriness of Potassium silicate suggests its use in refractory specialities. The good work ability of mixes with silica flour, clay or grog may be utilized in refractory and chemical-resistant mortars.