• Sodium Silicates Sodium Silicate is manufactured by fusing soda ash and high purity silica sand in open hearth furnace at temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius. mORE  >>>
  • Potassium Silicates Potassium Silicates are a family of chemicals with a range of physical and chemical properties. mORE  >>>
  • Silicate Manufacturing Process With the furnace process, soda Ash (Na2CO3) or Potassium Carbonate K2CO3 and sand are fused at temperatures over 2400 °F. mORE  >>>

About Captain Industries

Captain Industries is a leading producer of Silicates in Pakistan. Founded in 1951 in Karachi, the company today has several manufacturing facilities serving local and global customers. Our corporate culture is one of dedication, respect, integrity, fairness and continuous improvement. We measure our success by our customers' successes.

Silicate Applications

  • soaps and Detergents

    For enhanced performance
    of detergent system.

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  • Packaging

    As an adhesive which is
    resistant to pilferage
    vermin heat & moisture.

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  • Metals

    As a low cost binder
    for molding sand.

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  • Drilling Fluids

    As an easy to use, safe to handle environmentally
    friendly product for
    well bore stability.

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